Going on a Trip

We’re going on a trip, in my favorite rocketship, zooming through the sky – Little Einsteins!! 

I can’t help but sing this song in my head as a yellow vehicle passes by. This picture was taken one busy SJSU morning and the vehicle happened to pass by. One of my photo assignments required me to take a picture of a moving object using a technique known as panning. Panning is when the camera is following a subject as it moves and capturing it at a shutter fast enough to make it seem like the background is moving rather than the subject. This was the result of that technique on the rocketship passing by.


Cup of Sunshine

This was a picture I worked on for quite a bit of time. More time than usual to be more precise. The cups at Philz were different for a limited time and it seems like the world was going bonkers over these new cups. I decided to put them against a lighter background to bring out the colors some more. Again I used more rule of thirds by lining up the board and the cup along the first vertical line. Also the cup is framed by the bars or rails or whatever they’re called. I used a brush to brighten up only the board and the cup as to make it seem like they glow a special kind of way because Philz is a special kind of brew.


Home Base Kitty

As I said in a previous post, this cat has basically been adopted by our family. In this picture, it’s body fits perfectly in the little diamond square as if it were the umpire at home base. I really admire this shot because the framing works great with my shoes acting as leading lines somewhat to frame the cat inside and all the other leading lines leading to multiple points. The cat is just framed perfectly into the middle. The rule of thirds bring focus to my shoes but then my shoes just lead to the bigger and more noticeable subject in the middle.



7-11 is one of the most lit places and always has been ever since my first year of college. They have provided the best taquitos, my Hawaiian chips, my Red Bull, and basically everything I’ve ever needed to live off of during the hours of 10pm and 2am. This picture captures the late night beauty of 7-11. Only people who turn this place into their place of “last minute overpriced snacks but I really need them” would understand. I love the lines and the clarity of the store. It reminds me of those college movies where the minors are about to try and purchase alcohol with a fake ID for the first time.


X Marks the Spot

This picture was framed beautifully…if I do say so myself. The palm trees guide viewers to a focal point which is towards the middle of the photo. The leading lines of the pathways intersect at one point bringing the focus of viewers to one point. The leading lines form an “x” and I think it is pretty natural for people to be drawn to the center of an “x” because “x marks the spot.”The tones of the green and blue are light because I took out the true whites and true blacks with the tone curve. This gives the picture a much softer feel and brighter mood.


Everyone is a spaRTan

Retweet. Retweet. Retweet. Social media has infected everyone’s lives one way or another. There is no way of escaping it. SJSU has a huge number of Twitter users enrolled academically but what makes it such a huge deal? Access to pointless rants? Cute puppy videos? Pictures of Kermit the Frog that always repave the internet? This picture captures the famous letter RT which in Twitter terms is “retweet” meaning repost. As a spartan, I am guilty of social media overuse and am trying to discipline myself from using it in preparation for finals. I need to be more of a Spartan rather than a spaRTan so I can Spartan on to success. #cheesy #rt

Joe or Philz?

Nothing like a good cup of Joe to wake you up in the morning. Am I right? Or how about a good cup of Philz? Ever since my first year of college, Philz probably has a majority of the money I have spent throughout all 3 of my collegiate years. Philz holds the heart of many, stealing the hearts of Starbucks lovers across the nation one Mint Mojito at a time. For SJSU students, Philz is a staple necessity and consistently has a line out the door during any day of the academic year besides Finals. This shot centers the cup of Philz in front of an unoccupied chair. There truly is nothing like hand-brewed hot or iced cups of coffee in the morning or night time to keep students grounded.


Cat Nap

This cat has been coming around my house often for the past couple of years. Safe to say that my family has practically but not officially adopted the feline. This shot was created revolving around the reflection of its face while it naps. I thought it would be really cool to flip it over because sometimes with reflections, it is hard to tell which is right side up! It is super noticeable in this picture but I love  the reflection because of how much of the cat’s face is captured.


This image was taken inside the City Hall building on the 5th floor where residents receive their S.U.N. permits. I believe this picture created a very lonely mood because of the empty chairs but also lively at the same time because of the flower and the blue background. This photo uses the rule of thirds well and many leading lines leading to multiple points of focus.

Lancer EVO x Nissan GTR

Japantown, San Jose CA | October 2, 2016 – A few loud engines and lowered cars will never fail to bring out a crowd. The community that is Japantown of San Jose hosted the fourth annual Shukai car show featuring cars that seemed to be right out of the Fast and Furious movie series. This picture was taken around 2:30 in the afternoon when the lighting was in the beginning phase of becoming the “golden hour.” I took this picture from behind because there are many car enthusiasts who recognize a car from its rear. The upped contrast really brings out the rear of the Nissan GTR (car on the right) while the cars color really helps to bring attention to the Lancer EVO (car on the left) which is a bright white. The warm highlighted tones really give it a homey vibe, like this is the place to come to with the family and admire someone else’s hard work. That is exactly what this event was. The EVO and GTR are a couple of the most popular cars in the import world because of their all-wheel drive capabilities which allow their speed and acceleration to be at the top of the car chain. The wings on these cars add extra pizzazz and make them look much cooler and faster.