Beauty – With a Price

I love this shot. San Francisco is SO beautiful. All the lines, all the curves…but the traffic? Oh hell nawh. I think this picture captures San Francisco in a nutshell. It is beautiful, but the traffic sucks booty. The skyline above the bridge looks beautiful but then the real horrors are down beneath the bridge. The city is enveloped in a soft and bright setting while the traffic down below is dark and gloomy. This is kind of like heaven and hell. Who would want to be trapped down there?


Little ____, Big City

This picture reminds me of those movies I watched alongside my younger sisters where the small-town boy or girl move into the huge city and are bursting with feelings of wanting to become a name that’s as big as the city. I feel I captured that perfectly in this photo. The big buildings, all the power lines and fancy cars, and the little people who get to just walk along the crosswalks and sidewalks wondering if they’ll ever make it to the top floor leveled apartments. San Francisco provides so many lines it’s almost impossible to not be lead to a different subject in the photo.


Going on a Trip

We’re going on a trip, in my favorite rocketship, zooming through the sky – Little Einsteins!! 

I can’t help but sing this song in my head as a yellow vehicle passes by. This picture was taken one busy SJSU morning and the vehicle happened to pass by. One of my photo assignments required me to take a picture of a moving object using a technique known as panning. Panning is when the camera is following a subject as it moves and capturing it at a shutter fast enough to make it seem like the background is moving rather than the subject. This was the result of that technique on the rocketship passing by.


Cup of Sunshine

This was a picture I worked on for quite a bit of time. More time than usual to be more precise. The cups at Philz were different for a limited time and it seems like the world was going bonkers over these new cups. I decided to put them against a lighter background to bring out the colors some more. Again I used more rule of thirds by lining up the board and the cup along the first vertical line. Also the cup is framed by the bars or rails or whatever they’re called. I used a brush to brighten up only the board and the cup as to make it seem like they glow a special kind of way because Philz is a special kind of brew.


Yellow Bull

I had not had a single drop of energy drink exiting high school. I believed that drinking energy drinks was bad for my liver and my entire wellbeing. During my very first round of finals, I found myself lacking energy and wanted something to turn it up a notch. At the time, the Warriors came off their best run in the playoffs since 2007 after upsetting the 3rd ranked Denver Nuggets as the number 6 seed and then losing to San Antonio in the next round. I saw a Harrison Barnes commercial and he was sponsoring Red Bulls and thought to myself, “If Harrison Barnes can endorse Red Bull, I can drink Red Bull.” And the beginning of Red Bulls was born in my life. This picture tried to capture the beauty of the first kind of Red Bull I had ever had in my life. I like the contrasting dividing line across the picture diagonally. The light reflecting off the top of the can is perfect. Making Red Bull perfect. Perfect.



7-11 is one of the most lit places and always has been ever since my first year of college. They have provided the best taquitos, my Hawaiian chips, my Red Bull, and basically everything I’ve ever needed to live off of during the hours of 10pm and 2am. This picture captures the late night beauty of 7-11. Only people who turn this place into their place of “last minute overpriced snacks but I really need them” would understand. I love the lines and the clarity of the store. It reminds me of those college movies where the minors are about to try and purchase alcohol with a fake ID for the first time.


X Marks the Spot

This picture was framed beautifully…if I do say so myself. The palm trees guide viewers to a focal point which is towards the middle of the photo. The leading lines of the pathways intersect at one point bringing the focus of viewers to one point. The leading lines form an “x” and I think it is pretty natural for people to be drawn to the center of an “x” because “x marks the spot.”The tones of the green and blue are light because I took out the true whites and true blacks with the tone curve. This gives the picture a much softer feel and brighter mood.

Resurgence of Triton

I started taking pictures in high school and became one of those kids who carried their camera around almost every single day. Taking pictures became my way of trying to expand my creative mind because creative was and still is all I want to be. Ever since college started, my time-management was horrible and I couldn’t find the time to take pictures as much as I wanted to. Here I am in my third-year of college without a major still but taking steps to get back on track and do what I love. I decided to take a beginning photography class because as advanced as I was in terms of experience, I can never know what I do not know. With the first few months of the semester, I have regained a little of my creative touch and seen improvements in my composition and thinking process. Right here is a photograph I’m actually proud of taking and editing. It isn’t much but simplicity could be complex. Pictured are a couple of gifts from people closest to me and each item is related to an islander culture. It took a few simple fixes but it has been very long since the last time I created something I liked. No title but all I feel is accomplished and on the right path.


This image was taken inside the City Hall building on the 5th floor where residents receive their S.U.N. permits. I believe this picture created a very lonely mood because of the empty chairs but also lively at the same time because of the flower and the blue background. This photo uses the rule of thirds well and many leading lines leading to multiple points of focus.