Joe or Philz?

Nothing like a good cup of Joe to wake you up in the morning. Am I right? Or how about a good cup of Philz? Ever since my first year of college, Philz probably has a majority of the money I have spent throughout all 3 of my collegiate years. Philz holds the heart of many, stealing the hearts of Starbucks lovers across the nation one Mint Mojito at a time. For SJSU students, Philz is a staple necessity and consistently has a line out the door during any day of the academic year besides Finals. This shot centers the cup of Philz in front of an unoccupied chair. There truly is nothing like hand-brewed hot or icedĀ cups of coffee in the morning or night time to keep studentsĀ grounded.

Campus Puppy

This puppy (that isn’t even a puppy because it’s just a super-old small dog) has been seen almost every single day strolling the SJSU campus. This puppy, whose name I never got the chance to get, may be seen following its owner (whose name I also was not able to get) using it’s cute little steps. I had the chance to take this in the San Antonio plaza as the puppy strolled a little ways from its owner. It paused and I took the chance to get in front of it and snap a couple of shots. This shot is special because I seemed to catch it smile a little bit. My use of the rule of thirds is very evident by placing the pup at the intersection near the bottom right section. The picture originally did not use any true black but my photography teacher saw the photo as a little “muddy” so the true blacks came back by flattening the tone curve and this was the result of that. The face comes out clearer and the whiteness really brings out the pup’s face as it smiles for the camera.