Going on a Trip

We’re going on a trip, in my favorite rocketship, zooming through the sky – Little Einsteins!! 

I can’t help but sing this song in my head as a yellow vehicle passes by. This picture was taken one busy SJSU morning and the vehicle happened to pass by. One of my photo assignments required me to take a picture of a moving object using a technique known as panning. Panning is when the camera is following a subject as it moves and capturing it at a shutter fast enough to make it seem like the background is moving rather than the subject. This was the result of that technique on the rocketship passing by.



This is my fraternity brother Josh and his Gen 9 Honda Civic. The Gen 9’s have a nice sleek shape and look good especially as an SI version. My brother Josh belongs to the Loyalty fam and like one of the ideas of the fam, we worked on the car together. Well at least for one day to install new coils. Now the car sits pretty and low with barely any wall space for the tire so it rubs a lot.


White RS-7

I have had the privilege of growing up around cars and the process of customization. From a 240sx to a Nissan GTR R35, I have been blessed to see the transformation of rust bucket to chick magnet. For this book I chose to photograph my pledge brother’s 2012 TRD edition Scion TC RS-7. Now rocking twin exhaust pipes and brand new headlights with the wheels sitting nicely – the car is looking meaner than ever. The close-ups really bring out the details of the car that people will gloss over but are important to the car’s aesthetics. From the tires’ walls to the custom diffuser, they all play a piece in the car’s looks as well as functionality.

My pledge brother has been working on this car ever since my first year of college and to see where it’s at now is gratifying. I wanted to capture how fierce and elegant the car looks with a little Bay Area flavour but also this car is a symbol of pride for my pledge brother which is also something I wanted to capture in my pictures.

“Pride to me means doing something the best you can do that you can show it off and want people to know it’s your work or that you did it. When it comes to my car, no money and no labor was spared. It’s like a painter and his paintings, every painter wants their work to hang in museums and they want to be proud and show it off, I just want to show off my car when I drive around or it’s parked. Not because it impresses other people but because it impresses me because it reminds me that I can do incredible things and I have a talent to be proud of.” – #136

Lancer EVO x Nissan GTR

Japantown, San Jose CA | October 2, 2016 – A few loud engines and lowered cars will never fail to bring out a crowd. The community that is Japantown of San Jose hosted the fourth annual Shukai car show featuring cars that seemed to be right out of the Fast and Furious movie series. This picture was taken around 2:30 in the afternoon when the lighting was in the beginning phase of becoming the “golden hour.” I took this picture from behind because there are many car enthusiasts who recognize a car from its rear. The upped contrast really brings out the rear of the Nissan GTR (car on the right) while the cars color really helps to bring attention to the Lancer EVO (car on the left) which is a bright white. The warm highlighted tones really give it a homey vibe, like this is the place to come to with the family and admire someone else’s hard work. That is exactly what this event was. The EVO and GTR are a couple of the most popular cars in the import world because of their all-wheel drive capabilities which allow their speed and acceleration to be at the top of the car chain. The wings on these cars add extra pizzazz and make them look much cooler and faster.