Resurgence of Triton

I started taking pictures in high school and became one of those kids who carried their camera around almost every single day. Taking pictures became my way of trying to expand my creative mind because creative was and still is all I want to be. Ever since college started, my time-management was horrible and I couldn’t find the time to take pictures as much as I wanted to. Here I am in my third-year of college without a major still but taking steps to get back on track and do what I love. I decided to take a beginning photography class because as advanced as I was in terms of experience, I can never know what I do not know. With the first few months of the semester, I have regained a little of my creative touch and seen improvements in my composition and thinking process. Right here is a photograph I’m actually proud of taking and editing. It isn’t much but simplicity could be complex. Pictured are a couple of gifts from people closest to me and each item is related to an islander culture. It took a few simple fixes but it has been very long since the last time I created something I liked. No title but all I feel is accomplished and on the right path.


This image was taken inside the City Hall building on the 5th floor where residents receive their S.U.N. permits. I believe this picture created a very lonely mood because of the empty chairs but also lively at the same time because of the flower and the blue background. This photo uses the rule of thirds well and many leading lines leading to multiple points of focus.